Fine Wire

NGK Fine Wire Spark Plugs were developed to meet the demand of low-powered magneto type ignition systems on early model motocross bikes and snowmobiles. The fine wire of the EG (nickel electrode) and EV (gold palladium electrode) Spark Plugs significantly lowers the voltage requirement for firing, optimizing the magneto ignition system.

NGK Fine Wire Spark Plugs feature:

  • Smaller Diameter Center Electrode Tip
    Improves Ignition Efficiency
  • Better Concentration of Spark for Quick,
    Easy Starts
  • Precious Metals Used in the Center Electrode Increase Ignitability and Durability
  • Higher Resistance to Fouling
  • Easier to Spark in High Compression,
    High-Revving Engines
  • Better Starting Performance
    Even on the Coldest Days


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